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We are Sonare.

We're a London - based choral quartet bringing sophisticated and accessible choir concerts to this city and beyond.

We met in Hackney singing as choral scholars together and, after 15 months of the pandemic, decided to form Sonare as a new musical outlet. We're part of the recovery process that all artists are going through after so long with no performances, and it'd be an honour if you joined us for one of our evenings of sublime choral music. 

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"A wonderful performance of an eclectic range of choral music old and new, in a setting which complimented their harmonious renditions with its acoustics"

"What a joyful way to spend an evening! Not only is the music really something quite special, it's wonderful to hear it being sung by people who have an obvious, genuine + heartfelt love for it"

"An absolutely beautiful performance of choral music"

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